WORTHAM Law enforcement officers from across the country joined a grieving family in Wortham for the funeral of Kaufman County District Attorney Mike McLelland and his wife, Cynthia McLelland.

The small First Baptist Church was at capacity for the hour-long service. Burial followed less than a mile away at Wortham Cemetery. A seemingly endless procession of police vehicles escorted the hearse and several limousines full of family members to the grave.

A DPS helicopter flew overhead and officers were stationed at nearly every corner of town to provide security.

The McLellands were found shot multiple times inside their home Saturday night just outside of Forney. McLelland served as Kaufman County's district attorney since 2011.

Mark Hasse, who served as Kaufman County's assistant prosecutor, was gunned down on his way to the county courthouse just two months before the McLellands were killed in their home.

"Most people are dwelling on the senselessness," said Kaufman County Sheriff David Byrnes as he left the cemetery. "There's no logical reason for this to happen. Where this is deliberate carnage, and there's no other way to put it; it's unimaginable."

He vowed to continue McLelland's mission of bringing criminals to justice.

Friends said the McLellands were very much in love. They were buried in the same casket with Mrs. McLelland's ashes in an urn cradled in her husband's arms.

"It's final today," said Fran Bryant, a friend who had dinner with the McLellands six days before their deaths. "They've been with us all week, but it's final today as we walk away. "

"One day at a time," Bryant's husband added.

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