The Dallas County Medical Examiner has ruled that Zusette Moreno, the 13-year-old Terrell girl whose family passionately argued that her sudden death was the result of a bullying episode, died of natural causes.

Moreno died on Nov. 30, three days after she was rushed to the hospital for an unknown medical problem. OnThursday, the medical examiner announced what that was: an acute, spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage, or hemorrhaging in the brain.

Moreno's family argued that the girl was bullied on the campus of Furlough Middle School and that she was assaulted or involved in a fight. Terrell Independent School District administrators said the opposite, that there was never any evidence of the family's claims. They pointed to a preliminary autopsy report that found no signs of bruising on the girl's body.Surveillance footage captured no such fight.

Terrell ISD Police Chief Gary Mork opened an investigation that substantiated the district's stance.

Meanwhile, students and parents protested for days outside the school. Some protests swelled to more than 200 attendants, many of whom clutched anti-bullying signs.

Neither the district nor the family has commented about the findings.

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