DALLAS A father has filed a $30 million lawsuit against the Dallas Independent School District saying officials were negligent in breaking up a fight caught on cell phone video last year.

Ty Hardaway's son can be seen in the video on the ground, being kicked and punched by several students outside Samuell High School.

Hardaway said those students are gang members, and that no school administrators or teachers tried to break up the fight.

"He has two black eyes, wrists bruised up," Hardaway said. "His back and his neck had scratches and scrapes."

Hardaway filed the lawsuit without the help of a lawyer; much of the document is handwritten.

He said it was a last resort after calls, e-mails and visits to district officials got him nowhere.

"I feel that all I got is, 'All right. He'll go away. He will be quiet. Just ignore him,'" Hardaway said.

District officials would not comment on the lawsuit Wednesday.

DISD Police Chief Craig Miller declined to speak specifically about Hardaway's legal action, but said the district is working hard to address any gang activity.

"I do think that our people work daily to be vigilant and to find out what's going on and work with administrators at the campus to determine how big of a problem if any problem we do have." Miller said.

Hardway's son no longer attends a Dallas ISD school.


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