There couldn t be a better time for a new ownership group to attempt asserting its claim to the hearts of DFW metroplex sports fans. With the Rangers coming off a sputtering end to their playoff run, the Cowboys trapped in their repetitive flirtation with mediocrity and the Mavs essentially trying to stay afloat in a cap-friendly rebuilding year, there s a great deal of sports fanaticism up for grabs.

For those of you who scoff at hockey, and consider it to be a minor blip on your sports radar try a game. With so many promotions from the Jim Lites-run Stars front office, the price point has never been better to take in sixty minutes of ice time. Love of hockey isn t born on television, but at the rink where you can feel the cold and hear the two edges of the blades cutting against the ice. Experience the terrifying disappointment or exhilaration brought about by a ping of rubber on iron, as you appreciate the incredible precision that these players effortlessly deliveron the ice.

I tend to liken the current state of the Stars to the Rangers just a few years ago. Newly liberated from the heavily leveraged Southwest Sports Group of Thomas Ollis Hicks, Sr., the Stars have a chance to build a franchise from the ground up. We ve already seen Jim Lites return to his role as President of the franchise. Fan favorites Mike Modano, Andy Moog, and Marty Turco have rejoined the franchise in front office roles, with Mikey-Mo and Marty already doing publicity spots, and the latter two goalies joining Stars stalwart Craig Ludwig during the on-air pre- and post-game shows.

Combine these positive moves with the recent signing of the team's new face (and best player) Jamie Benn to a very palatable 5-year, $26.25 million contract with the half-marketing ploy, half-transition signing of NHL legend Jaromir Jagr, and this should be a very, very fun team to watch, even during an abbreviated 48-game season.

It s still way too early to tell where the Stars will level out in their 24 home games this year after finishing 28th out of 30 teams last year in home attendance, particularly with the potential disenfranchisement of its fan base due to the lockout. However, with a few months of seeing nothing but the prospect of Mike James (Mike James!) throw up another ill-advised near-half court shot in yet another overtime loss for the Mavericks, take some time to feel the enthusiasm of a closely-matched aggressive game from your very own Dallas Stars.

Ben Taylor's views are in no way shaped from reactionary Mavs bitterness. But if you feel like they are, you can ask him about that on Twitter at

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