DALLAS -- When Maria Escamilla began testifying about what happened March 13, 2011, she began sobbing.

The prosecutor asked,"Are you okay?" She replied, "No."

The judge to a recess. But throughout most of the testimony, Escamilla cried.

She described what happened that night. Escamilla, 41, said she and her boyfriend, Jose Arreola, got to their home in Lancaster after a party. He had been drinking, and according to Escamilla, all of a sudden started to hit her with a cement block. Then she said he bit her, and dragged her throughout the home by the hair.

Prosecutors showed numerous knives and objects they say Arreola then used to cut her and sexually assault her with.

Arreola, 34, is charged with aggravated sexual assault, family violence and retaliation.

Escamilla testified Arreola told her, "I am going to call someone to come bury you."

"I thought I was going to die," she said. "I begged God to take me. I was in so much pain."

Yesterday, doctors testified Escamilla lost 40 percent of the blood in her body, and had to have numerous blood transfusions as well as 500 stitches.

Escamilla said when the beating stopped, Arreola called his mother. Escamilla said the woman came to the house and recalled his mother sit by her side, feeling for a pulse on her neck.

She said Arreola's mother told her, "I am sorry... because he is my son."

The defense is trying to prove Escamilla was the aggressor, and the wounds were inflicted in self defense.


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