FORT WORTH A former Fort Worth ISD teacher, and one-time pitcher in the Texas Rangers organization, is being accused of having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old female student at Arlington Heights High School.

Chad Hawkins, 34, was found in his car with the girl last week, according to court documents.

A Westworth Villagepolice officer noticed the car windows "were steamed up."An affidavitstates the two engaged in sexual touching in a gym parking lot.

"What makes you think you can do that with a 16-year-old girl?It's sick," said Arlington Heights senior Jose Garcia.

The relationship apparently developed online through Facebook. Police said the history teacherset up a fakeprofile account under the name "Thomas Durdan," from which he could then message the girl sometimes during school hours.

In one message, the "Durdan" account wrote:

"I want you to walk into my class next period and sit right on my lap ha!"

"It's shocking," said Karen Casey, who has a student at Arlington Heights.

Even more concerning for some parents was that Hawkins was also an athletic coach at the school.

Hawkins was drafted by the Rangers organization in 2000.Aspokespersonsaid on Wednesday he never pitched in the major leagues andonly playedin the minors for a "couple of seasons."

Heresigned late last week from Fort Worth ISD.


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