CLEBURNE Arming teachers with guns was one of the big talking points at the Cleburne ISD board meeting on Tuesday night.

Like many school districts across the nation, board president Brent Easdon said Cleburne is wrestling with how to best protect the 7,000 students who come to class every day.

"I'm not opposed to [teachers with guns] right now, but don't want to be so set in my ways that I can't be persuaded against it," Easdon said.

There is nothing to clear up for Steve Moore. The father of a sophomore said he is 100 percent behind the idea.

"Any citizen that has proper training, they should be allowed to carry if they want to... even in schools," he said.

Some students were a bit more cautious.

"You never know what could happen; it could make things worse than the original situation," said junior Brayden Hawkins.

The Cleburne ISD currently has five resource officers that patrol different campuses. There is also thorough surveillance set up at middle and high schools.

But there was frank discussion about whether any of that goes far enough in the wake of recent mass shootings.

Away from the camera, some teachers said that staff was mixed on the idea, especially because it wasn't clear if only certain teachers or staff would carry, and it was not known what kind of additional training might be required.

The board made no final decision on Tuesday night. Members were urged to feel out other parents and teachers on the issue before next month's meeting.

The district said it already plans to increase security by installing more surveillance specifically at elementary schools. It is also considering an electronic "pass card" scan system that could limit access to campuses during different parts of the day.


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