FORT WORTH Houses are going up again in the Llano Springs neighborhood in southwest Fort Worth. The renewed progress is giving hope to existing homeowners.

"It's just nicer," said Carolyn Daniels. "Things are coming back together. The neighborhood is starting to look like a neighborhood."

Construction in the community came to a halt nearly five years ago after three developers walked away from the project. Vacant and overgrown lots covered the area.

"When I first moved in, it was just my house and the one that's on the corner," Daniels said. "There was nothing else in-between."

In the summer of 2009, code compliance handed out more than 400 citations for high grass and construction debris. Those problems have been cleaned up.

"We were worried that we were going to be in a housing area that was never going to get developed," said Llano Springs homeowner Felicia Carlin.

First Texas Homes started pushing the dirt last year. It took over the project, and now construction crews are back, building new homes.

The developer also built a fountain and a new pool.

"We have sold more than 40 homes," said First Texas spokeswoman Beth Brady. "We put in the community center. We put a fountain in the pond. It's starting to look like a community."

This neighborhood is now back on track, giving families a place to be proud of.

"Property values? That's one thing that goes up, and I'm going to have neighbors, so that's a good thing," Daniels said.

City Council member Jungus Jordan told News 8 that other developers and retailers are showing interest in the Llano Springs area. He said the big draw is The Chisholm Trail Parkway, which runs through the area and is targeted for completion next year.


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