DALLAS Just after five o'clock Monday afternoon, the water that's supposed to be piped into Monica Salazar's Dallas home was instead coming in through the front door and the vents in the floor.

There was water all over the place, she said. I had a river going that way, and another river going that way.

Her young granddaughter, Destiny Rodriguez, had to think fast.

It was crazy, she said. I was trying to get everything unplugged so it wouldn't get damaged when the water came in.

A 24-inch water main just down the street, near the intersection of Marsh Lane and Walnut Hill Lane, was to blame for the chaos. Workers say it likely burst because of ground settling, corrosion, or the age of the pipeline.

The resulting torrent deluged seven city blocks, and severely buckled half of Marsh Lane.

After 75 minutes, the pressure was finally turned off, but the damage had been done.

We have to mop the floors up now, clean the towels and put everything back in its place, Rodriguez told us inside her hot, humid home.

As residents cleaned up, utility crews promised to work through the night to fix the main and restore service to fewer than 10 customers whose water remained shut off.

One utility worker estimated the main would be repaired by late Tuesday morning, and only then could work begin to fix the damage to Marsh Lane.

What's less clear, though, is who will be responsible for repairing damage to individual homes.

Monica Salazar says the city has already told her to contact her insurance company.

I don't think I should; I think it should be them, she said.

Salazar said a city employee did tell her she can call risk management at the City of Dallas to make a claim, and she plans to go that route first.


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