The greatest reason the Dallas Cowboys have struggled for the last 15 years? The organization refuses to admit to its own problem at the top.

I was on The Fan last week with Richie Whitt and Greg Williams (the Cowboys' flagship station) and with two guys who think I shouldn't criticize Jerry Jones the way I do because the Cowboys won three Super Bowls in the early 90s.

I really do want to be as clear as I can possibly be about this: I like Jerry Jones, I really do. I know some of you don't believe or at least understand that, but I really do.

I just think he's a lousy general manager, and my argument that he couldn't get another job for any sports team in America proves it.

Richie actually says he doesn't care if nobody else would hire him an argument that makes no sense.

Does a radio station want a program director that nobody else wants? Do they want a general manager that nobody else wants?

It's like saying, I'm gonna marry that girl there because nobody else wants to marry her... but 20 years ago? You should have seen her then!

I don't want 'that girl,' and I'm pretty sure Richie and Greggo don't either (unless you're the flagship station for 'that girl,' maybe).


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