McKINNEY McKinney chiropractor Dr. David Russell may have used bad judgment, but did not touch two teenage girls inappropriately, his lawyer told News 8.

Russell is charged with sexually assaulting the two children.

Lawyer Todd Shapiro defended Russell, saying the alleged victims were treated dozens of times without incident.

On some occasions, police records show, Russell allegedly placed his hands near his patients' genitals to help correct an injury.

His hands were placed in those areas solely for medical diagnosis and had nothing to do with sexual connotation, Shapiro said.

Police records say those procedures took place at Russell's McKinney office without a parent or another adult around. Shapiro was at a loss to explain how that happened.

That's a question I don't understand either, and I think Dr. Russell, in hindsight, thinks, 'Why didn't I have someone in there?' Shapiro said.

The doctor's attorney said despite bringing forward the allegations of abuse, the victims continued to come to Russell for procedures dozens of times after the alleged assaults.

Shapiro questions their motives and the motives of the former dance instructors who brought the initial concerns to police.

David Russell is currently free on bond. His office, raided by police last week, reopened on Monday.

His attorney says the charges have impacted his business and ruined his reputation over what he called bad choices not a criminal act.

Did he have bad policy? Did he use poor judgment? Should he have had an adult in the room? All those in retrospect, yes, Shapiro said. Did he commit aggravated assault of a child? No.


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