ARLINGTON It was a magical moment as Rangers catcher Mike Napoli hit a 95 mph fastball into the left field seats Sunday night, sealing a 4-0 victory in Game 4 of the World Series.

Jeremy Filipek saw the ball coming towards him. He was in the standing room only seats.

Everyone fought for the ball, he said. It caught in someone's hat... it ricocheted off and I booked it to the left and caught the ball, threw the hat down and celebrated!

Filipek became an instant celebrity among fellow fans. They were high-fiving me, he said. Everyone was trying to take pictures with the ball and with me.

Filipek, a collegiate baseball player himself, said it was an adrenaline rush to catch Napolis's smash. He's a pitcher at Midland College on scholarship. His mom got him a last-minute ticket to the big game, and she's the first person he called with the news.

So what's Filipek going to do with a baseball that's in big demand? I'm not sure, he said. It's a big memory for him [Napoli], also.

Uncertain where the famous ball will eventually land, Filipek said he's just glad he caught a piece of history.


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