This is the week we're going to be told how tough it is to win in the NFL any week especially on the road and some day, I might actually believe that to be true.

But what does an overtime win in San Francisco really say about this Cowboys team?

A 49ers team that was 6-10 last year; hasn't had a winning season since '02; a new coach again; and a quarterback no one thinks is as good as Tony Romo (and we all know how bad you think he is).

A Cowboys team that is playing short-handed because of the early season injuries wins a game because their back-up receiver (found on a reality show) gets not only his first NFL catch, but three... and their new kicker doesn't miss from 20 yards out (not twice, anyway).

But I also think, and I always have, that Tony Romo cares a great deal about winning; will play with a cracked rib to do it; and I still don't care if he wears his cap backwards or not.

It is a win.

It's tough to win in the NFL, especially on the road, but I'm starting to think there won't be many.


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