What a great ending to a story that started so tragically. I'm talking about the Plano teen who found $2,000, handed it over to authorities and was then told they City of Dallas was going to keep the cash after no one came forward. It's this week's Uncut commentary.

You cannot have missed the story. Ashley Donaldson found the money and turned it in, only to be told when no one claimed it the city was keeping it.

When enough of you said no, the policy was re-thought, and now the rightful new owner of the money, Ashley, is getting the $2,000-plus, thanks to your donations as well as much more.

Despite some of the crazy folks we have in the news every day, most people are good. I believe that. They either want to do the right thing or want to help people who do the right thing. We learned that again this week.

The government policy of keeping money that's turned in is not a good thing. If it had gone unchanged, in my mind that would have constituted theft. Absent the original owners, it's Ashley's money, not the city.

We know from a young age that it's finders keepers, especially when you make every effort to identify the original property owners and no one comes forward.

For the kids watching, while we adults hash this out, please know it is the right thing to return lost property to its owner - and not to get a reward, but because that's what we should do.

It is what we do when no one else is watching that shows who we really are. Ashley Donaldson removed all doubt about herself we're still working on government policy.

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