ARLINGTON- The Super Bowl seating debacle made headlines almost as big as the Packers win in North Texas.

Scores of fans were denied the experience of a lifetime because their temporary seating at the Super Bowl was deemed unsafe.

Now, Arlington released hundreds of documents. The papers showed city officials were working to get things done properly, and could see problems coming.

I think it was frustration, said Chief Don Crowson, Arlington Fire Department. Our team was reporting back to us that it didn t seem that timelines were matching up.

Friday, Arlington city leaders said they have nothing to hide. There were hundreds of documents that were released to show a rise of alarm as the Super Bowl grew closer.

Building inspector Ed Dryden e-mailed the stadium general manager 16 days before the Super Bowl.

I think the e-mails speak for itself, he said. We were concerned, and we were concerned well in advance of the event and we clearly stated our expectations.

On the morning of the game, Dryden sent another e-mail stressing the problems.

While contractors have said weather delayed the process, the fire chief said that was not a factor.

Despite the lawsuits and bad press, Arlington Mayor Robert Cluck said he believes the city could host another Super Bowl.

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