ARLINGTON There have been lots of changes in Arlington since Cowboys Stadium was built, including the roads that surround it.

Most maps haven't yet caught up, and that's causing some concern with less than two weeks until Super Bowl XLV.

Arlington officials are worried about visitors getting lost, even though the home of the Dallas Cowboys is arguably one of the biggest landmarks in Texas.

Yet if you go to some popular online map services and GPS devices, Cowboys Stadium doesn't exist.

News 8 found nearly every popular online map service has outdated information, even though the stadium has been greeting fans for more than a year now.

Go to Yahoo maps, for instance, and there's nothing there; a satellite photo shows the stadium under construction.

Bing, a part of MSN, does show the stadium, but some of the surrounding roads are not mapped.

Google and MapQuest appeared to be the most accurate guides, but they're not perfect, either; some of the nearby highway interchanges aren't quite right.

Google maps suggests a driver headed to Arlington on Interstate 30 should continue to go straight, bypassing a new intersection that leads directly to Cowboys Stadium.

Much of the area along I-30 was rebuilt months ago.

Things have changed so much in the past two years, said Jay Burress of the Arlington Convention and Visitors Bureau. A lot of those have not kept up with it.

Motorists have another concern: Many of the roads surrounding the stadium will be closed to regular traffic in the days leading up to the Super Bowl.

It has prompted Arlington officials to urge the more than 100,000 visitors to simply turn off their GPS and go to the host committee's Web site for accurate directions to the stadium.

They'll get frustrated, because every road they try to turn down may be changed; every parking lot may be changed. It may be totally different, Burress said. I hope they stop and ask someone for directions.

News 8 was not able to contact representatives from the popular online map sites to find out if their maps will be updated to reflect road changes in Arlington before the big game.


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