Dale Hansen received the following letter Tuesday from the Third Grade Gifted/Talented Class at Young Elementary School in Decatur. It's a response to his Unplugged commentary on Monday night.

Dear Mr. Hansen:

We would like to offer our response to your editorial comments regarding Jerry Jones and the firing of Coach Wade Phillips, Dallas Cowboys, head coach. We agree with you that Jerry Jones thinks he is smarter than Albert Einstein. Einstein is our hero because we know that if WE keep doing the same things, expecting the different results, WE will have a problem being successful. Like Einstein said, That is INSANITY. It is not smart.

Mr. Jones is blaming his coaches for his own mistakes. We also believe that the Dallas Cowboys need a coach AND a new general manager. Just because we can play touch football on the playground does not mean that we are qualified to be successful as a general manager of a major NFL team. Jerry Jones played football in college for the Arkansas Razorbacks. He also made all of his fortune in oil and gas in Arkansas. But none of those things prove anything about his ability to be a general manager. He is a wealthy man. We know that because he has made a lot of money with the Dallas Cowboys franchise.

There are 7 students in our class, 5 boys and 2 girls. We are all football fans except for one of us. But even the one of us who is not a football fan agrees with your editorial comment.

One of our girls believes that you are correct in comparing the Dallas Cowboys present problems to our country. We have a lot of good things that are right about our country. We also have some problems. Some of the problems we see happening in our country are the way we are allowing ourselves to be bullied by leaders of other countries.

We were born right before, during or right after the 9/11 terrorists attacked our country. Our country has been at war during our whole lives. We are now involved in a program called Rachael s Challenge. We are starting a chain reaction in our school, town and we hope our county and our country. Maybe Jerry Jones needs to learn about Rachael s Challenge. Mr. Jones needs to stop bullying his coaches when he fires them and by blaming them for his mistakes. He needs to take responsibility for his actions. He could also be a little kinder with his words and deeds.

Thank you for your time and for listening to our opinions. You are welcome to visit our classroom and our new school at any time on Tuesday when the sophisticated, explorers , creators and imagineers in Wise County are in the house at Young G/T!

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