Governor Perry took to the podium Tuesday night, celebrating his third term in office.

Already, some say he's showing an uncanny resemblance to another former Texas governor.

I wanna challenge the new faces in Washington to go above their pay grade, he said.

But will Texans ever see Governor Rick Perry's face in the White House? Was there any hint of presidential talk in last night's speech?

Not in thespeech itself, because his speech is the same one he gave during the campaign -- which is anti-Washington, said SMU professor of political science, Cal Jillson.

Jillson says for Perry to declare plans to go to the capitol now wouldn't bode well, before testing the waters.

He's going on a book tour and one thing he will try to gauge is how he's received outside of Texas by conservatives and the rest of the country. And that'll help him make up his mind if there's a future beyond the government of Texas, Jillson added.

Former President George W. Bush was pretty open and confidant about making a presidential bid, while serving as Texas governor.

But, for Perry to try to follow in the same footsteps too soon, could be a misstep.

I think the country isn't looking for any more Texas leadership in the short term. So, a generation down the road - maybe so. But, I think the country is a little bit weary of guys out of Texas and cowboy boots, said Jillson.


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