DALLAS Two Dallas police officers are accused of beating a man and leaving him injured at his home.

Clayton Morrison has to use crutches to walk. He's got broken bones in his back and face. Most of his day is now spent in a hospital bed.

Morrison blames two Dallas police officers for his injuries.

As soon as they yanked me out of the truck, knocked me down, they kicked me in the face, he said. I balled up and they started kicking me.

Morrsion concedes that he is a felon with a lengthy criminal past. And he admits that he had been drinking and driving early Wednesday morning.

Undercover police officers spotted him. They caught up with him outside his home.

I pulled into my driveway. They come running up, open the door, yank me out and beat me up, Morrison said.

The injured man said the officers left him in the driveway. His girlfriend and daughter said he was screaming for help.

His daughter came and got me and said her Daddy was on the porch, can't get up and walk. He crawled into the house, said Sheryl Whitehead, Morrison's girlfriend.

They called 911. By then, the undercover officers had left the scene without arresting Morrsion or getting help for him.

Police sources said it wasn't until the 911 call came in over the radio that the undercover officers came forward to admit they had been to the house.

Other officers were called to investigate why the original officers hadn't arrested Morrison for DWI even though he had outstanding traffic warrants.

I'd rather they carried me to jail, 'cause I don't know what they done this for, Morrison said.

The undercover officers told investigators that Morrison lunged at them, so they had to throw him to the ground. Police issued this official statement:

Departmental supervisors became aware of the incident soon after it happened and initiated a public integrity and internal affairs referral immediately.

But supervisors still wonder why Morrison ended up in a hospital room instead of a jail cell.


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