New England wide receiver Randy Moss was just on ESPN, doing a phone interview with Hannah Storm. He's been a hot topic of conversation following his post-game comments on Sunday, when he spoke at length about his future with the Patriots (or lack thereof). Some tidbits from his latest comments:

At least seven times during the interview with Storm (which lasted about 10 minutes), Moss used some variation of the sentence I just wanted to get this off my chest. For whatever reason, it was important for Moss to say what he said. He said that he hadn't spoken with the media since mini-camp and OTA's early in the summer, and this was the first time he addressed the media this season. While admitting this was a bit of a distraction following his team's win on Sunday, he said that he wanted to do this now as opposed to week 12 or 13, when the distraction would and could be a lot bigger.

Moss met with his coach Bill Belichick yesterday, and while neither of them would say much about that meeting, the one thing Moss said was Bill just told me to watch what I say, and I said, Yes sir, I got you.

A couple different times during the interview, Moss reiterated the fact that he wants to be with the Patriots in the future.

I've always liked Randy Moss and felt that he's been miscast as a villain. He had some problems in college and leading into the NFL draft in 1998, but our problem (fans, media) is that once we cast a guy, we like to keep him in that role, and so there Moss has stayed for the last 12 years. I read an article in Sports Illustrated several years ago, when he first joined the Raiders. The thing I remember most from that article is that Moss basically wants to be left alone. He moved into a modest, ungated community mostly populated by retirees, because he knew they wouldn't know or care who he was. Moss liked to go fish in the small pond every day, and frequently a security guy would come to check on him because he'd gotten a call that a random guy was fishing in the neighborhood pond. So the security guy would go check, see it was Moss, they'd wave at each other and the guard would be on his way. But that anonymity is something Moss craved, and still does.

On Sunday, Moss said what he felt like he needed to say, and now he'll probably do his best to avoid the media for a while (his phoner interview on ESPN had a tie in with a bank in Boston that he's promoting). And while he was pretty clear about his thoughts about his future with the Patriots, reporters are sure to ask him about it the next time they get a chance. What will he say then? I'd bet some variation of the phrase, no comment.

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