DALLAS It's now been more than a month since Lisa Stone disappeared.

On Sunday night, friends and family members staged a candlelight vigil in front of the Dallas home that she had shared with another woman.

Ever since Stone disappeared, her supporters have been pushing for help to get this mystery solved.

Dozens cried and prayed for her safe return Sunday evening. We're all heartsick. We miss her and we want her back, said friend Tina Wiley.

But as they hope for the best, many are bracing for bad news. No one has seen the 51-year-old since June 4.

I'm just furious. I'm sick to my stomach, Wiley said. Something is wrong, desperately wrong.

Police have questioned Stone's partner, but friends said she hasn't helped in the search, and refuses to talk with the media.

Joni Shannon said she caught the partner throwing away Stone's personal items. Here's her birth certificate. Who leaves without your birth certificate? Shannon asked.

Stone's personal documents and photos were on display at the vigil. This is all we have left of her, Shannon said.

Desperate for anwsers, friends of the missing woman prayed in front of Stone's home, where her partner still lives.

Convinced that she knows something, the Stone supporters are applying pressure posting signs in the yard and laying flowers and photos on the doorstep.

They are desperately hoping for answers as the clock ticks and concern deepens.

It's very hard to keep your composure, Wiley said. You just have to take a deep breath and keep going; that's all you can do.


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