DALLAS - Today's Our Neighbor hasn't forgotten where he came from. He's a successful insurance broker, who volunteers his time mentoring students in South Dallas. Some of the kids he's helping have a very bright future.

Edward Turner is a volunteer at the Jeffries Street Learning Center in South Dallas. Edward used to come here as a child, and knows what a difference the center makes.

It's a place that allows kids of the community to come and get help with their homework - get tutoring as well as mentoring, he said.

The Jeffries Street Learning Center has after-school programs during the year and a summer camp that teaches students life skills. Best of all: it's free.

The learning center is made possible primarily through the donations of private citizens and volunteers like Ed, who take the time, to come out here.

It teaches you how to live your life and how to achieve your dreams and if I wasn't here, I'd be at home being lazy and not studying what I want to do in life, said 11-year-old Erica Reed.

Turner stressed the importance of keeping good company and an excellent work ethic.

He donates his time because he wants these children to succeed.

I only felt that it was right when I moved back to Dallas to volunteer where I grew up at and help some kids out because it's only the right thing to do. You have to uplift your community, said Turner.

That's why we name him today's Our Neighbor.

The Jeffries Street Learning Center needs help with donations and they need more volunteers.

If you would like to donate to help them, or if you know someone we could feature as an Our

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