ARLINGTON In a tragic irony, an Arlington school teacher who was part of an international motorcycle safety campaign Sunday nearly lost her life in a crash.

Jane Boswell and other friends of Amy Keller are keeping vigil at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth.

She's definitely awake and knows what's going on, Boswell said. She remembers the accident.

Keller, who was returning home from a worldwide Motorcycle Awareness Ride event in Grapevine, suffered a broken collarbone, a damaged hip, and her body is covered with bruises.

A lady went through a red light on Cooper, and Amy reacted because she saw this car not stopping, Boswell said. She slammed her brakes and it made her impact the back end of the lady's car.

The Grapevine event remembered riders who have been killed by distracted drivers.

They don't own the road; we all own the road, and we need to protect each other, Boswell said.

The motorcyclists want safer streets so they can enjoy their passion. They said Keller survived only because of her training. They hope her crash encourages other motorists to pay attention.

She is one of the lucky ones, Boswell said. There's others that are not so lucky.


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