Shrek Forever After isn't nearly as good as the first two delightful films, but it is much better than the disappointing part three.

The finale finds the big, green, lovable ogre living happily ever after with his family, when all of a sudden, Shrek experiences a mid-life crisis.

Shrek is tired of being good, he wants to be bad again, so he makes a deal with the evil Rumpelstiltskin and for one long day is transported into a dark world, as if he had never been born. You might call this Shrek meets It's a Wonderful Life.

Shrek Forever After is more message heavy and character driven than comedy driven, but it's also entertaining enough for both kids and adults.

Yes, everyone is back, including Fiona, Puss-in-Boots, and another funny performance by Eddie Murphy as Donkey.

I did enjoy part four, which is rare, simply because most movie franchises by now have run out of steam. It's a movie that says be thankful and enjoy the people in your life.


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