The following is a tweet from Chris Johnson, Tennessee running back:

Right now im like lil wayne in the game im doing my thing but people not ready to give me all my credit its cool i aint done yet

And my first reaction was .... what? Johnson is leading the NFL in rushing with 1,396 yards (distant second is Steven Jackson with 1,120). On Sunday he scored an 85-yard touchdown, the third time this year he's scored from at least that far, something no other running back has ever done. He's being mentioned in the MVP race, despite playing on a 5-6 team and despite the incredible MVP competition from quarterbacks Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Brett Favre.

My problem with Chris Johnson's tweet is just that it's so .... wrong. It's simply not factual. He should just enjoy the attention he has been receiving, while continuing to work to make his playoff guarantee come true. What could he possibly be whining about; unless I missed the point of his tweet entirely.

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