DALLAS -- There were many tears shed in court Thursday, by the parents of 6-year old John Paul Raidy and by the former Grand Prairie teacher who fatally struck him and fled the scene in January 2013.

'Nothing is going to bring my son back, but she did what she did and she needs to pay for it,' said the boy's mother, Lauren Raidy.

A Dallas County jury convicted Lowe of manslaughter and failure to stop and render aid. She faces up to 20 years in prison. The jury is scheduled to continue deliberating her punishment Friday.

The 4-foot-7 Tammy Lowe was someone you'd never expect to be sitting here, convicted of manslaughter. She once taught the deaf. She served on the Sunshine Committee at Adams Middle School, where she worked for nearly 20 years.

'I loved kids and they were drawn to me,' she told jurors.

In court, the former Texas history teacher tried explain between sobs what happened. She taught school that day. She volunteered at a basketball game. She began driving home down Carrier Parkway.

'All of the sudden a child ran out,' she said.

Authorities say Lowe ran a red light, hitting John Paul Raidy, who had come out into the crosswalk as he, his mom, and little sister walked to get ice cream.

Lowe told jurors that when she hit the little boy and rolled up onto the hood, she had a panic attack.

'My hands were shaking and sweating so bad,' Lowe said. 'I wasn't thinking anything rational, just 'I'm going to die. I've got to get out of here.''

In court during the punishment phase, prosecutors played dash cam video from a responding officer that captured the horror of what had just happened at the scene. You can't see Raidy's family, but you can hear them.

'We were in the crosswalk,' his mother cried, explaining that the driver ran the red light. 'They didn't stop. After John Paul's body flew off, he drove off.'

John Paul's grandfather repeatedly cries out with a plaintive, 'John Paul. John Paul. John Paul.'

Lowe said she didn't tell anybody, including her husband, for days. She told her husband that the damage to the car must have been caused by kids jumping on the car.

Finally, Lowe said she knew she had to turn herself in.

'I had to,' she sobbed.

She said she told her husband what she had done and they had a family meeting to tell their children. Then she drove to her school and resigned, before turning herself in.

To this day, Lowe said she tortured by what happened that day -- that she can't sleep and can't fathom what she's done.

'I would trade places in a second if I could. Desperately I've wanted to,' Lowe told jurors. 'I have wanted to trade places and him be okay.'


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