McKINNEY -- Collin County Commissioner Mark Reid said he was speaking for his constituents when he added a resolution to the agenda of the commissioners court.

The resolution that would make a bold statement against housing illegal immigrant children. Reid says the federal government isn't doing enough to protect the border and that the illegal immigrant children coming to North Texas pose a health risk to the community.

'I think it's important that the citizens of Collin County know where their commissioners court stands on the issues,' Reid said.

But bold statements are often met with bolder rebuttals; in this case, the Democratic Party of Collin County.

'Citizens of Collin County and the clergy of Collin County don't accept this resolution,' said Michael Handley, political director for the local party.

Handley told us the commissioner's views aren't representative of the county.

Digging a little further, News 8 has learned the commissioner has strong ties to Christ United Methodist Church in Plano. Reid even mentions his active role in the church on his county bio page.

The United Methodist Church, however, has taken a strong position seeking to help these children.

Reid tells us he doesn't totally disagree with the assessment by the church, and that he feels for these children and agrees they need to be cared for.

But he also said 'churches need to fill [their] role and I need to fill mine as a Collin County Commissioner.'

This is all happening as several tea party and other conservative groups are planning a rally on Saturday in the neighborhood of Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins' home.

They hope to make the rally a 'quiet, peaceful show,' according to a Facebook page for the group. They're aware the judge will not be at home, but organizers call the rally 'symbolic.'

And while the resolution Collin County is now considering may also be symbolic, as Reid said the federal government has not approached Collin County to host any of the migrant children, it has certainly touched a nerve with groups who disagree.

'They're basically fleeing a burning house, and is this a county where we tell those children to go back into the burning house,' Handley said.

Commissioner Reid intends to delay the hearing for the resolution until Monday, Aug. 4. Originally scheduled for next Monday, Reid said he wanted to make sure Collin County Judge Keith Self was present at the meeting.


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