FORT WORTH Chris Gorrie is what you would want in a police officer: Plainspoken and honest, with a good sense of humor.

'You may be asking yourself, 'What does this 30-year-old white guy have to do with diversity?'' he says on-camera. 'Well, the short answer is, I'm gay.'

Then the video cuts to a cartoon showing characters with shocked looks on their faces. Gorrie shot and edited the video himself.

'People don't generally associate police officers with being gay,' he admits.

The video continues with him saying he has not faced any discrimination or harassment within his department.

He is one of very few LGBT lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgendered officers who is open about the subject. But he says his eight years on the force has taught him that colleagues don't care.

Strangers on Facebook apparently do; hundreds are offering compliments... and complaints... about his video.

'My reaction to the negative stuff is, they didn't get the message I'm trying to send out,' Gorrie said. 'Really, I just want people of the LGBT community to feel comfortable applying to Fort Worth, and show that Fort Worth doesn't have an issue with it.'

In 2009, Fort Worth police raided the Rainbow Lounge, a gay bar in the city. Claims of excessive force by police and state alcohol investigators led to several suspensions.

Gorrie was on the force when that raid occurred. He recalls not having good answers for members of the gay community who came to him with questions.

He said he knows a handful of openly gay officers more women than men, he says. But he does believe the LGBT population is under-represented within most police departments.

'But that could just be because people aren't comfortable in their own skin,' Gorrie said. 'I do know of an officer who is, but he's not comfortable enough to let everybody else know. I'm hoping stuff like this may help.'

The police department says more videos from other officers from all backgrounds are planned. Gorrie applauds the attempt to hire the best no matter their background.

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