Plans to add yet another toll road in toll-heavy Collin County isn't going over so well.

'My bill runs $40-$50 every month, and I don't hardly do any running around... it's awful,' said Collin County resident Steve Carr.

The Texas Department of Transportation is considering an idea to turn the High Occupancy Vehicle lanes on North Central Expressway into toll lanes for drivers who don't have any passengers.

Collin County Judge Keith Self is part of a large contingent fighting it. 'When you gather together a unified front from the senators, all the state reps, and the entire Commissioners Court, now that's a powerful statement,' he said.

That unified front came in a letter addressed to TxDOT filled with language like 'frustration' and 'disappointed' and 'already paying too much.'

Self brings up a concept called 'toll fatigue.'

'Toll fatigue is real,' he said. 'We have three of the major toll roads in the region in Collin County.

Self told News 8 that Collin County has 23 percent of Toll Tags in the region, yet pays 35 percent of toll revenues for the North Texas Tollway Authority.

TxDOT will soon be answering Collin County's letter. In the meantime, it invites the dialogue.

'TxDOT will continue to look for input from elected officials, who help the department understand the concerns of their constituents regarding tolls and this project in particular,' wrote a representative of the agency.

Putting a toll lane on Central Expressway is not a done deal. The county wants more public meetings where people can openly voice their opinions.

TxDOT intends to have more public meetings in the near future.


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