Once again, we've heard the story: an angry man, seeking revenge against an ex-wife or her family, and going on a killing spree.

This time, it was just outside Houston. Seven people shot, six of them dead, and four of the dead were children.

And you watch -- somewhere, somehow someone will claim it's not the gunman's fault.

It was just a misunderstanding... He snapped.

We've had case after case like this; women killed at work, at home, even while on the phone with 911. We had a man in Highland Park who killed his kids just to get back at his ex-wife.

And they always manage to sucker somebody -- sometimes even themselves. They say they don't remember what happened or it's somebody else's fault.

Look, I do believe in temporary insanity, but almost always in a case like this, that's not what happened.

People on the right need to get as mad about abusers as they are about the illegal border crossing or Benghazi. Or, on the left, animal abuse or people carrying guns into Target.

I believe people know right from wrong -- that's why they do the wrong in the dark. And that's why, like the guy in Houston, they run.

It's up to us to start telling them: 'You can run... You can't hide.'

Most women get this. It's the men who worry me... Until a relative is the victim.

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