CROWLEY -- When Albert Garcia saw the little girl who'd just fallen off a moving car in Crowley last week, he knew things were bad.

'When I got there, I noticed one girl had a big cut on her head,' he told News 8.

One of the children who fell after being allowed to ride on the back of a car, identified Thursday as 12-year-old Octavia Watkins by the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office, died Wednesday night.

'Last night the family made the decision to take the child off life support and she passed away,' said Officer C.C. Meadows of the Crowley police.

Her death is a tragic turn in a story that has North Texas talking.

Crowley police say Kisha Young, 38, was driving drunk on June 17 with Watkins' mother in the passenger seat. Their six children between the ages of 8 and 14 were riding on top of the Chevy Malibu because their bathing suits were wet from a trip to the pool. Four of those kids, including Octavia, fell off.

On Tuesday, June 17, police arrested Kisha Young, 38, for driving under the influence after she allowed four children to ride on the trunk of her car while heading home from a community pool.

'The children were riding on the trunk and hood of the vehicle because they were wet,' said Officer CC Meadows with Crowley police. 'So they had wet clothing and apparently they didn't want to get the inside of the vehicle wet.'

The children reportedly fell off the car and three of them were sent to the hospital.

News 8 learned after the incident that Watkins' 12-year-old daughter had a serious head injury. She was still at Cook Children's Hospital in Fort Worth a day after the incident, while the other children were released.

Albert Garcia, who lives on the street where it happened, said Young seemed clueless anything had happened.

'She didn't even really grasp it until my wife called 911,' he said.

Currently, Young faces three criminal charges, and Child Protective Services confirmed they're investigating both mothers. CPS spokeswoman Marrisa Gonzales said the children from both families have been placed with other family members while the investigations are ongoing.

Crowley police are not prepared to tell us whether either mother will face new charges because of the little girl's death. They say they are working with the district attorney's office to determine next steps. They say they are taking the mourning period and sensitive nature of the case into consideration.

Kisha Young is out of jail, but no one answered her door Thursday. A neighbor, who didn't want to be identified, said this seems completely out of character for her, and that her children have been nothing but respectful.

'I could understand how people would think this is a case of somebody being the worst parent in the world, but from what we've seen, they've always been good to us,' the neighbor said. 'Good people.'

Octavia Watkins' family did not want to comment Thursday. The little girl was a student at S.H. Crowley Intermediate School, and had been a student at Benbrook Middle School in Fort Worth until January.


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