PARKER COUNTY A $5,000 reward will be paid out in the case of a mama dog that was killed and her puppies abandoned.

A school bus driver found the animals still in a crate on the side of a rural Parker County road near Springtown on May 28; the mother had been shot in the head and her bloodied puppies were still suckling for milk.

Over the weekend, Tammy Douglas, 44, was arrested for animal cruelty. Sheriff Larry Fowler said she was upset with the adult dog because she said it bit another dog that had gotten too close to her puppies.

'The maddening thing in this case is, all the owner had to do was take the dog and puppies to the shelter and hand them over,' the sheriff said.

Fowler did not say who will get the reward only that it will be paid by the Humane Society of North Texas.

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