FORT WORTH An Asian restaurant owner was hospitalized Tuesday night after being repeatedly beaten in the head with a plastic crate by a man trying to steal a tip jar, according to a police report.

The attack happened shortly after 7 p.m. at Le's Wok Restaurant, 812 W. Rosedale Street.

The owner, 42-year-old Le Trong Nguyen, asked the man and a woman with him to leave after they grabbed the tip jar twice, tried to get into the restaurant's cash register, and a struggle ensued between the suspects and victims.

During the struggle, the male suspect grabbed a hard plastic crate used for shipping drinks and began hitting Nguyen with it in the head and face around 30 times, his wife told police. Nguyen was found by police a short time later bleeding profusely from a cut on his head.

The suspects fled with an estimated $20 to $30 dollars from the tip jar.

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