STEPHENVILLE With baby girl Addalie Christensen returned safely home, the attention in Erath County on Saturday switched to why anyone would take the two-month-old in the first place.

Police arrested 38-year-old Latonya McLain on Friday evening.

McClain is accused of nabbing the infant outside of the Christensen's family home Friday morning, and then taking her to a trailer outside of Dublin, Texas.

McClain's parents refused to comment on Saturday, but the woman's ex-husband told News 8 he couldn't believe it.

'It's crazy, it's crazy,' said the man, who asked not to be identified. He said he and McLain shared custody of their eight-year-old boy.

'The girl definitely has problems, issues that she needs to deal with,' he said.

Investigators were expected to continue questioning McLain over the weekend. She is being held at the Erath County Jail on aggravated kidnapping charges.

She has past arrests for theft and driving with a suspended license, both misdemeanors, according to a background check.

Stephenville police Chief Pat Bridges said investigators zeroed in McLain when her name and photo started surfacing on social media as word of the kidnapping spread.

'There were remarks on Facebook indicating she might be responsible,' he said on Friday night, confirming they got a tip that proved to be right.

The suspect's parents were also at home with McLain and the kidnapped baby, according to police.

But the accused woman's parents are elderly, and neighbors said it was unlikely they fully understood what was going on until police showed up asking questions.

McLain could face an initial court appearance next week.


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