SAN ANTONIO A youth baseball game was interrupted when an airplane crashed just a few yards away in south San Antonio Saturday.

The incident happened just after 2 p.m. in the 4100 block of Roosevelt Ave., near the baseball field at the 5 Diamonds Ball Park, about 2,000 feet from the runway at Stinson Municipal Airport.

The pilot was reportedly attempting to land, according to the San Antonio Police Department. People said the plane appeared to have lost power before crashing.

Police said the pilot did indeed lose power. The pilot told investigators that he was looking for the best place to land and ended up in a gravel area between two ball fields.

Photos of the wreckage revealed a small white plane that did not appear to have much damage to its frame; however, a nearby tree was knocked down by the aircraft.

Witnesses told KENS-TV the pilot got himself out of the plane and was walking around and talking before being transported to an area hospital. The baseball coach at the game said he helped the man cool off inside a truck because it was hot outside.

The coach described the pilot as a 'hero' for managing to crash-land the plane away from the baseball field and avoid the kids.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration website, the plane is a single-engine Mooney aircraft that is owned by a local equipment leasing firm.

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