DALLAS A Dallas father was arrested after a 911 caller reported seeing a child playing with a machete Friday inside the family's home.

Police said during a search of the home they found a child living in squalid, dangerous conditions.

According to an arrest warrant, a second caller reported an abandoned child on the same street Friday in the 1200 block of South Montreal.The caller told police the child was pushed out of the home and locked outside.

Upon their arrival, officers knocked on the door for several minutes before a 3-year-old child 'covered in dirt' answered the door, the warrant said. Officers said they smelled a strong odor from the entry way of the home and could see trash and spoiled food inside the residence.

Officer continued to walk further inside the home after they yelled out their presence several times, the warrant read. As officers followed the toddler towards a bedroom inside the home, officers spotted a weapon that matched the description given by the first 911 caller.

'In the hallway that joined the bedroom/living room area was a large machete style butcher knife with an approximate 10' long blade and white handle,' the report read.

Police said they found John Lara, 32, and Carrie Hill inside a bedroom with a tan-colored powdery substance on the floor and drug pipes and several plastic baggies scattered across the room. Officers said a loaded and cocked gun was also visibly hanging out of a bag on the bed.

Authorities also reported a strong odor of natural gas and found two gas heaters running unattended.

During an inspection of the backyard, officers saw dead birds, a rat and an opossum where the 'toddler and his two siblings play.'

Lara was charged with child endangerment and the toddler was placed in the care of another person through Child Protective Services.

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