DALLAS An argument between a building manager and a tenant escalated into a fatal shooting at a Southeast Dallas apartment complex on Friday night.

Marcie Rodriguez said she was having a heated discussion with the apartment manager at the Spruce Square apartments at 400 North St. Augustine Drive when her husband Louis Rodriguez and her brother-in-law stepped in.

Police said Louis Rodriguez pulled a knife and stabbed the manager, 44-year-old Angela Martin several times in the arm. Martin fired a handgun in self-defense.

'She shot my brother-in-law in the stomach, and then when I heard two more gunshots, I turned around it was my husband hitting the ground,' Marcie Rodriguez said.

Louis Rodriguez, 52, was killed. His brother was reported in fair condition at Baylor University Medical Center. Martin was treated for her injuries and released.

Marcie Rodriguez conceded that her husband carries a knife, but said she didn't see him pull it out.

Police said the facts of the case will referred to a grand jury.

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