DALLAS An armed suspect was shot and killed by SWAT officers after a police pursuit that ended in a standoff in the parking lot of the Southwest Center Mall.

The man was identified as 30-year-old Michael Mayo.

Witnesses said Mayo brandished a weapon as he drove through Duncanville and then finally came to a standstill in a parking lot near Southwest Center Mall as shoppers looked on.

'The only thing I witnessed was them start shooting, and I ran back into the mall,' Tonia Williams said.

Mayo was surrounded by SWAT officers.

'He kept telling them to leave, but they didn't leave,' Patty Patterson said. 'He wanted his girlfriend.'

Police said they kept telling Mayo to drop his weapon. He got out once, pointed a gun at his head, got back in car, then got out again.

This time, police said he pointed a gun at them so they opened fire.

'First time I seen somebody die in front of me in real life,' Patterson said. 'I'm about to cry.'

Police say it all started here at a motel along Highway 67. Undercover officers were there because it's a high crime area.

They said they spotted Mayo and a female companion sitting in a car. Officers said they smelled marijuana, so they ran a check on him. Mayo was wanted on felony warrants; police called for cover.

Officers said when he spotted the first patrol car, he took off.

'All I saw was them chasing to this side over there. He pulled a gun on them,' Latonya Crawford said. 'The police pulled back and ran out into the parking lot.'

Police pursued Mayo through Southwest Dallas for 30 minutes. He would stop... and then take off again.

A look at Mayo's Facebook page on Monday was telling. He posted this message around the time of the police pursuit: 'Ready for whatever,' and, 'Well, it's time to roll on. See you when I see you.'

Dallas police said they tried to talk Mayo into giving up, but say he ignored commands and ultimately made a fatal choice.

No police personnel were injured.

WFAA reporter Tanya Eiserer and editor Marjorie Owens contributed to this report


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