FARMERS BRANCH Whenever somebody goes big-time like Jordan Spieth has, everyone who knew him before wants you to know it.

'I saw Jordan first when he was nine years old,' said Joey Anders, the head teaching pro at Brookhaven Country Club. 'We gave him a golf lesson.'

'First time I met Jordan was probably back in 2002,' said Brookhaven member Dave Klaudt, 'right after we had joined the club.'

'First met Jordan... gosh, I was probably 15 and he was nine,' said Johnathon Dickerson, who played a couple of years of junior golf with Spieth.

I'm no different; I did a story on Spieth when he was 14 and posted a link to it on my Twitter page, @TedMadden:

So we are all here at Brookhaven Country Club, where Spieth developed his game, to see whether he could win perhaps the most prestigious golf tournament in the world.

'Not surprised at all,' said Klaudt. 'His level of golf has always been several years ahead of what his age was.'

Members at Brookhaven had a watching party as one of their own played the final round at The Masters. The room was obviously pro-Spieth groaning on his misses and cheering loudly on his good shots.

Spieth's playing partner Bubba Watson got the opposite reaction.

During our interview with Dickerson, a loud cheer went up when Watson's chip on 15 didn't quite make it on the green.

'Everybody's rooting for Bubba to miss,' said Dickerson. 'I am too, to be honest with you.'

Spieth's first coach, Joey Anders, was watching the back nine from a coach's perspective. 'You just want him to learn from every shot and stay in the present and give your best effort with everything and see where you finish,' he said.

It became clear with a couple of holes to play that Spieth was not going to win, but the members at Brookhaven couldn't be more proud of their guy.

'It's just one step closer to getting to his dreams, is all it really is,' said Anders. 'Sometimes you have to go through hardships like this which for us is not a hardship but today for him might be a hardship.'

'Spieth shot even par today, Sunday at the Masters,' Dickerson noted. 'When you really look at the big picture, he really played pretty well.'


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