KELLER -- Tom Wood is a self-professed believer in miracles.

But keeping the faith in the fate of his 50 year old brother, Philip Wood - among the missing on Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 - is his greatest test.

'We're pretty calm and pretty strong, and y'know, we're hanging in there,' Wood said.

After two days, authorities still can't answer whether Philip Wood is alive.

Did the flight crash? Was it a terrorist attack? Or, as Tom has heard through Internet conspiracies, hijacked?

'That would be a whole lot better than what we've been thinking, so I am crossing my fingers, hoping that maybe there's a happy ending to this,' Tom Wood said.

The not knowing draws Tom and his family to church. The Hills in Southlake is where they pray and draw on their faith.

Tom said he may not know the answers, but God knows all. He's grateful for everyone's prayers.

'You know, this is pretty fresh and we're processing it and we've just had a little bit of a time to be together as a family,' he said.

Tom said the family wants closure, whether the news is good or bad.

He isn't sure if he'll fly to East Asia, where the search for his brother and 238 other passengers continues. His family might.

'You know, the last thing you wanna do is get on a plane right now, after something like that,' Wood said. 'That's something I don't want to do, [I] don't know about everybody else.'


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