DALLAS - Hours ahead of opening to the public, car manufactures were unveiling their latest models ahead of the DFW Auto Show at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center.

For the Ford Motor Company, that's the 2015 Expedition, the first major update for the SUV since 2007. And for many, it's a sign that the wounds of the recession have healed.

'When you look at the health of the domestic auto industry today... We went through very difficult times in 2009, but through a lot of work to get the businesses right-sized, bringing great products to market, we have seen a resurgence of the domestic manufacturers,' said John Felice, the vice president of U.S. marketing for Ford.

Back in October of last year, General Motors opened a $200 million stamping plant in Arlington, bringing with it hundreds of jobs. The move is expected to save the company $40 million in shipping costs.

'Consumer confidence is really growing, and continues on a very positive trend,' Felice said. 'We are also seeing unemployment come down, so the macro-economic issues behind our industry look very solid.'

Consumers are confident and driving changes in the industry, including more vehicles than ever boosting eco-friendly features.

'They're switching more from muscle and power to convenience and savings,' said Colby Shipwash, an automotive blogger.

'I like to have a great tough vehicle, I want something that is going to last, but I want something that is going to save me in the long run, because my money is actually more important to me,' Shipwash said.

American car manufactures are leaner and smarter, and Wednesday, they're ready for the spotlight at the DFW Auto Show.


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