DENTON A petition tied to a proposed ban on fracking is on the move in Denton.

The Denton Drilling Awareness Group will start collecting signatures this week. The organization needs around 570 to get the proposed ordinance in front of the City Council, which could either enact it, or more likely flip it to the voters for a ballot decision.

'I plan to sign,' said Alyse Ogletree, who lives just 250 feet from a new drill site that started operating in August. 'We hear it all hours of the night... it's a huge disruption.'

The problems Ogletree and others have experienced were profiled in a News 8 story two weeks ago.

But Denton DAG says the Hickory Creek area isn't the only place in the city where there are problems.

'They've passed the buck,' said Tara Linn Hunter, one of the petition organizers. 'They said ask the state, the state said go to local, so at this point we're tired of asking.'

The city declined comment on Tuesday, but via e-mail, City Council member Kevin Roden told News 8 that while citizens are 'understandably frustrated,' he's not optimistic about putting a halt to drilling.

'I continue to have serious concerns of the possibility of successfully enacting a ban on fracking,' he wrote.

The city has already been in a legal back-and-forth with the operators of the site near Ogletree's home.

Organizers have 180 days to collect the signatures before they must submit paperwork to the city secretary.


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