DALLAS Dallas police said a man died after he either jumped or was thrown from a moving sport utility vehicle that later hit another vehicle near the intersection of Coit Road and the LBJ Freeway service road in North Dallas.

Police spokeswoman Monica Cordova said this was being handled as an active murder investigation.

A search was underway for a suspect in the incident, who was described as a Hispanic male wearing a blue bandanna with dark clothing.

The first 911 calls came in at about 7:20 a.m. Tuesday. Callers told police a man either jumped or was thrown from a white SUV. That man was taken to a local hospital where he died later that morning.

A shaken woman who did not wish to be identified saw what happened.

'We stopped at a light, but the minute it changed was when the door opened and everything started happening,' she told News 8. 'I think I witnessed a body dump.'

'I was horrified to see a man, shoved out of the car. The reason I say 'shoved' is because he landed on his back... there was no bounce,' the woman recalled. 'He landed spread-eagled and with his arms out, and he looked completely lifeless.'

After the man either jumped or was thrown from the SUV, that vehicle was hit by another car traveling south on Coit... then continued at a high rate of speed until it hit a pole and came to rest in a parking lot entrance near a school.

The suspect fled north on foot. The driver's side door was covered in blood.

The witness recounted the scene. 'It looked as though he'd been beaten up pretty badly,' she said. 'His face was up when I went past, and you can't help but look.'

Sources confirmed the SUV had blood inside. Police believe there was a struggle inside the vehicle, but it had not been reported stolen.

Homicide investigators were searching a nearby apartment complex parking lot and Akiba Academy of Dallas was put on lockdown as a precaution as the investigation continued.

Police sources added that detectives were searching for an assault suspect in a possible carjacking in the area around Coit Road and Churchill Way.

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