DALLAS The Joshua High School sophomore who survived a fall of more than 3,000 feet in a skydiving accident left the OU Medical Center Friday just shy of a week after being hospitalized.

Makenzie Wethington, 16, is back in North Texas, where she is undergoing rehabilitation at Baylor Medical Center.

For a girl known for her sweetness, a bake sale seems the most fitting way to continue raising funds for her. She fell 3,500 feet from an airplane Saturday in Chickasha, Okla. It was her first time skydiving, and her parachute didn't open.

Her father jumped before her. The impact damaged her liver and broke her pelvis, lumbar spine her lower back, a shoulder blade, several ribs and a tooth.

On Friday, her friends organized a bake sale to raise money for Wethington's medical costs. During the two lunch hours, they raised a total of $402.30, according to a student, which her family will tack onto the thousands of dollars friends have already raised selling 'Makenzie Strong' T-shirts. The first batch of 400 shirts was delivered Friday to school.

They've already ordered 800 more and are prepared to keep going.

Orders from as far away as Australia have catapulted sales to at least 1,000 shirts, students and administrators say.

Anyone who would like to order a t-shirt can call Joshua High School at 817.202.2500.


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