FORT WORTH A North Texas family enters another week in limbo as they wait for a court to decide if a pregnant woman should be removed from life support.

On Sunday, pro-life supporters rallied outside John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, endorsing the hospital's policy that Marlise Munoz be kept on life support.

The woman's family says tests show she is brain dead, and they have asked that she be removed from life support. They are suing to make that happen.

But the hospital says it is against Texas law to take that action until they can test the viability of the fetus in a couple of weeks.

Protesters like Rhonda Aubert agree with the hospital's stance. 'It just bothered me so much I just decided I have to come out here and show someone I care about this child... I care about this precious life,' she said.

News 8 will continue to follow this case closely, and we'll let you know what's expected to happen in the weeks to come.

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