DALLAS Army veteran and international businessman Luis Rocha has 70 years' worth of stories. This is one he never expected to tell.

'It was just like another night, I guess,' he told News 8 Tuesday at Baylor University Medical Center.

Rocha is now sitting up and talking a far cry from where he was last week. But one thing has not changed: Police are still looking for the people who attacked him on his way out of Campisi's restaurant on Mockingbird Lane.

'I had my pizza in my hand, and I walked to the Navigator, which is the car that I drive,' Rocha recalled. 'The next thing I remember in clarity was that I was in ICU at Baylor.'

It was Sunday evening, January 5, right outside the restaurant, fully visible from the road.

'I know I lifted my right arm, because they shattered it,' he said. 'And then they stomped my back. I have boot marks in the back, and broken ribs and cracks in my spine.'

A priest gave Rocha last rites... twice.

He suffered 12 broken ribs and will have three facial reconstructive surgeries.

But Luis Rocha has not lost his sense of humor.

'Maybe they wanted my pizza... I don't know,' he said.

But don't read him wrong. This man wants justice.

'I'm just grateful. Number one, I'm alive. And number two, that I have a chance to say what I'm saying,' Rocha said.

Then he addressed his attackers directly.

'You will be caught... eventually. Either on the face of this earth or the next voyage we take.'

Dallas police say they have no leads in this case. Detectives and the Rocha family ask that if you have any information, you call Crime Stoppers at 877-373-TIPS.


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