SOUTHLAKE Barnes & Noble has apologized to a Keller family after their 4-year-old child inadvertently discovered X-rated material on a tablet computer in one of their stores.

Sarah Blauser said she was horrified at the Barnes and Noble store in Southlake when she turned around from tending to her 10 month old and saw what her older son was watching on a Nook demonstration tablet in a children's area.

'It was a very graphic pornographic video clip that was playing,' Mrs. Hauser said. 'And I couldn't believe it.'

After snatching the Nook away from her son, she said she immediately fetched her husband from the in-store cafe.

'I'm beyond angry,' husband Dan Blauser said. 'Pornography at a kids' table?'

The Blausers told the store manager, who told them his district manager would contact them about what happened.

No one from Barnes & Noble contacted the Blausers until News 8 contacted headquarters in New York today. A company vice president called and apologized.

The problem, outlined in a statement from Barnes & Noble, is that although there are parental controls on the Nook tablets in the book stores, the devices are not password protected. That means anyone can log onto any site while insider the store and objectionable material could be displayed.

Since they complained and posted their experience on Facebook, the Blausers say they have been contacted by a Bakersfield, California family which had a similar experience.

'New York did say they were trying to come up with a solution that will prevent this from happening,' Dan Blauser says.

In a statement, Barnes & Noble said: 'While we investigate this incident, we plan to take steps to communicate a disclaimer to parents that while all Nook devices have parental controls, our in-store demo devices are not password-protected.'

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