DALLAS Olivia Ries, 11, and her older brother, 12-year-old Carter Ries, are among a group protesting the Dallas Safari Club's auction for the right to kill an endangered black rhino Saturday.

Friday, the children traveled from Atlanta to Dallas with their father to speak out against the auction.

'I don't think they should be doing rhino poaching period,' Carter said. 'So, doing it here makes it better how?'

Olivia questioned the motive of the hunt and whether it was just a chance for someone to take a photo with the dead animal.

'We might have a meeting with the president of the hunting club Ben Carter,' she said. 'And we're going to talk to him about the rhino poaching and how he shouldn't do this.'

In 2009, the siblings started the organization One More Generation.

The young activists visited Africa twice as part of their effort to save endangered animals. Recently, they delivered 10,000 letters from around the world in protest of poaching to the government of South Africa.

The children's father, Jim Ries, shared his own message.

'Our number one message to kids is anyone can make a difference,' he said. 'You don't have to wait until you're an adult.'

The Dallas Safari Club said it plans to donate money raised during the auction to preservation efforts.

Bob Barker, the former host of 'The Price Is Right,' also sent a message in protest to the Dallas Safari Club.

'If you want someone's head to go on a wall, pick mine,' he wrote. 'I will happily send you an autographed photos to auction off instead.'

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