DALLAS An affidavit obtained by News 8 Monday revealed a list of items, including drug paraphernalia, seized from the home of a prominent Dallas lawyer shot and killed by officers last week during a shootout.

According to the affidavit, hydrocodone, an unidentified 'white powdery substance' and a marijuana pipe were among items found inside the residence of 47-year-old Michael Edward Schmidt after he was shot inside the lobby of his condominium building near Uptown.

As police continue their investigation, the itemized affidavit revealed what officers found inside Schmidt's residence and safe.

Among items seized:

  • 54 hydrocodone pills in a plastic baggie with no prescription label
  • Clear capsules with a white powdery substance yet to be determined
  • .38 and .380 caliber ammunition
  • Clear plastic baggie containing an unidentified white powdery substance
  • Clear plastic baggie containing an unidentified green leafy substance with drug paraphernalia
  • Clear plastic baggies containing white and yellow pills
  • Marijuana pipe

Authorities sent unidentified substances to lab for testing.

According to police, Schmidt walked into the lobby of the Glass House with his 11-year-old daughter and asked an employee to report a burglary in process early in the morning on Jan. 2. Armed, he then readied himself for officers' arrival.

The bizarre incident left many wondering what led to Schmidt's erratic behavior.

'He was a good, good, person,' said Robin Shackleford, a former employee of Schmidt's, in a News 8 report last week. 'I don't know what facilitated what had happened, but it wasn't him.'

Police said Schmidt's daughter was present during the shootout, but was not in sight of officers. She was uninjured and later placed in the care of relatives.

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