FORT WORTH John St. Angelo is now facing formal murder charges in the death of his ex-wife Suzanne Parsons, 24 hours after officers took him into custody following a nearly-five-hour-long standoff in north Fort Worth.

New Year's Day on Permian Lane doesn't feel like a fresh start. Reminders of the panicked last day of 2013 are everywhere.

'We were scared a little bit,' Rafael Benitez said. He spent the day holed up in his house as the standoff went on next door.

There were tear gas grenades flying and gunshots, captured on camera by girls who live a few doors down.

It was all to find John St. Angelo, accused of stabbing his ex-wife Suzanne Parsons Monday evening at the RE/MAX office where she worked, just south of the Keller city limit. He stumbled out of the home at about 4:45 p.m. Tuesday afternoon and officers took him down, right in the Benitez's front yard.

There is still blood - believed to be from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to St. Angelo's face - on Benitez's front stoop.

At the home where St. Angelo hid from police, the garage door is hanging on by a thread, and nearly every window is broken. You can see the bullet holes from where police say the suspect fired at officers.

'It's just been strange living in this neighborhood for 14 years, to all of a sudden see this in your backyard,' said neighbor Eric LaMay.

Police said St. Angelo knew the woman who lived in the home on Permian Lane. She did not want to comment Wednesday afternoon, but neighbors told News 8 St. Angelo, who is a handyman, had done remodeling work in that house in recent months.

Why he chose to return and hide out is still under investigation.


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